Virginia Interior Design Advocacy

We are seeking DONATIONS.

Donations will support efforts to protect Certified Interior Designers’ right to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia. ASID/ CIDQ/ IIDA have banded together, under the Consortium for Interior Design,  to hire a lobbying team from McGuire Woods Consulting to help us overcome interior design deregulation in Virginia once and for all. We were successful in defeating the 2023 legislation to deregulate but have been informed that another bill is forthcoming in the 2024 session to deregulate interior design, as well as, other professions. Unfortunately, professional dues are not enough to cover the unplanned expense of securing these lobbyists, and ASID VA is requesting donations, which will be earmarked specifically for lobbying fees to protect our profession.

Thank you for your support and contributions.  Please note that donations to the Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 

How to DONATE to ASID Virginia. 

  • Send money via Paypal
  • Use QR code below
  • Request an invoice from or
  • Mail donation to: ASID Virginia Chapter, PO Box 2, Eggleston VA 24086.

We are seeking VOLUNTEERS.

We are all busy, so we want to help make it easy for you to contribute as you are able. Please complete our poll so we can reach out to you with appropriate opportunities to help.

We value your time and talents. Here are some ways you can help us protect our profession and prevent deregulation of VA CIDS. 


Please complete our poll so we can reach out to you with appropriate opportunities to help.


McGuireWoods Consulting will host a webinar on July 20th at 8:30 a.m. to review the best ways to engage with key lawmakers and candidates for office on the issues facing the Certified Interior Designer community. Topics will include the most effective ways to contact an office, do’s and don’ts for discussing policy matters with decisionmakers, and how to host a site visit with legislators. The webinar will also preview this November’s elections and its potential consequences for the 2024 General Assembly session.


The Virginia Chapter encourages all members to attend.