Yesterday, Virginia Senate Bill 1480 was referred to the Committee on General Laws & Technology in the Virginia Legislature which recommends the removal of Registered Interior Designers from the regulatory board.  You may recall that we faced and overcame a similar deregulation effort in 2020 because of how well our practitioners mobilized and testified in support of maintaining the legislation.  Repealing this oversight would mean that the qualified practitioners safeguarding these protections and regularly making decisions essential to public safety would no longer be in a position to protect their clients or the public.  Virginia needs YOU to act now to protect Interior Design Regulation.

How can you help?

  • Text “ASID” to 52886 now to stay informed on the latest news and learn about opportunities to take action!
  • Contact Lauren Earley, Associate Director of Government & Public Affairs, at to get involved or volunteer to testify in support of saving the Interior Design Act.
  • Identify your state legislators and reach out to them urging support for continued interior design regulation in the state!
  • Register as a Registered Interior Designer in Virginia.
  • Share this message with friends, family, colleagues, clients – emphasizing the importance of your profession to the public but also how protecting this title positively impacts your life and livelihood.”